Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ginny!!!

Our electricity has just been turned on again - hope you're having a wonderful day in spite of the cardio thing - hope all is well. XXXX. This is the card that is on the way to you, should be a day or two... you'll have to wait to see the inside of it (through the windows) Lots of love from all the Gats OOOOOO


Gillian said...

AAAAH!! That is so sweet! Thank you C! The house and peoples within, is so familiar - warms the cockles of my heart! I'll look forward to it arriving in the mail... stamp and all, a real treat these days. (You said you'd send Vonnie's ellie one too...) It's been a quiet day after the long hours in the doc's office. We'll go out tomorrow evening for dinner. Funny having a birthday on Facebook - half the world - or so it seems - wished me a HBDY!!

Juno said...

Hi Cathy

Nice blog! Thank you very much for the kind comments you left on my Scrumptious blog. I have had wonderful feedback from Jenny's show.